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Let’s get gardening

There's no question that over the past year there has been a major surge of interest in gardening. I began growing multiple vegetables in an assortment of DIY cedar pots over the last year, and seriously loved every minute of it. It can however be daunting to know where to begin if you're new to gardening. Keep reading for some tips when it comes to growing your vegetables in your very own garden oasis! [read more]

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7 Outdoor Living Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

Being confined to our homes during the pandemic has raised the importance of making our outdoor living space more enjoyable and well-equipped. Whether you’re working with a backyard, porch, or even a balcony, these 7 trends by Better Homes & Gardens will inspire you to elevate the functionality of your outdoor living space and to spend more time in the great outdoors! Keep reading to find out what they are. [read more]

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