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Architectural Masterpieces

Living on the North Shore, we're lucky to have architectural masterpieces sprinkled throughout our neighbourhoods. From Bob Lewis, Fred Hollingsworth, Arthur Ericson, Ron Thom, Ned Pratt, Peter Kafka, Henry Yorke Mann, and Barry Griblin to name a few, Vancouver is home to prolific architects. Today I'd like to share some of these fantastics architects with you and explore their work. Keep reading! [read more]

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Holiday Decor – Is now the time to start?

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, there seems to be a big debate over when the appropriate time is to begin hanging lights, decorating your tree, and adding your holiday wreaths. If you want my opinion - go for it and get decorating! Keep reading to find inspiration for your holiday home decor and to pin point exactly where you can shop for everything you need this year. [read more]

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November Events

Are you ready to begin planning your activities for the month of November? With holiday light festivals and new art exhibits in full swing, this is looking like a jam packed month! Keep reading to find fun events to explore around town in the coming weeks. [read more]

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Understanding your Employment Status

Chances are if you’re applying for a mortgage, you feel confident about the state of your current employment or your ability to find a similar position if you need to. However, your actual employment status probably means more to the lender than you might think. You see, to a lender, your employment status is a strong indicator of your employer’s commitment to your continued employment. [read more]

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