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Weekend Recipes

With February coming to an end, this weekend is calling me to unwind, eat good food, and get cozy by the fire. If you're feeling the same way, keep reading to find mouth watering recipes to try this weekend - they are the perfect dishes for a cozy time at home. [read more]

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BCFSA – What Is A Bully Offer?

But sometimes buyers wait for the seller’s offer presentation date, only to find out the property has been sold before the date arrives. How does this happen? It may be that the seller has accepted a pre-emptive offer – often referred to as a “bully” offer. These are offers that expire before the date and time set by the seller for offer presentation. While submitting or accepting a bully offer is not illegal, there are risks that buyers and sellers should be aware of. [read more]

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Porting Your Mortgage

Porting your mortgage is when you transfer the remainder of your current mortgage term, outstanding principal balance, and interest rate to a new property if you’re selling your existing home and buying a new one. Now, despite what some big banks would lead you to believe, porting your mortgage is not an easy process. It’s not a magic process that guarantees you will qualify to purchase a new property using the mortgage you had on a previous property. [read more]

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Why Downpayment Source Matters

If you’re looking to purchase a property, although you might not think it matters too much, the source of your downpayment means a great deal to the lender. Let’s discuss the lender requirements, what your downpayment tells the lender about your financial situation, a how downpayment helps establish the mortgage loan to value. [read more]

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