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BCREA – Economics Now – Canadian Monthly Economic Growth (Q4’2022)

Canadian real GDP declined 0.1 per cent in December, the first monthly decline since January of 2022. The decline in GDP was concentrated among goods-producing industries (-0.6 per cent) while services were flat. Canadian real GDP is now roughly 2.7 per cent above its pre-pandemic, February 2020 level. Preliminary estimates suggest that output in the Canadian economy rose 0.3 per cent in January. [read more]

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Parental Leave

Chances are if the title of this article piqued your interest enough to get you here, your family is probably growing. Congratulations! If you’ve thought now is the time to find a new property to accommodate your growing family, but you’re unsure how your parental leave will impact your ability to get a mortgage, you’ve come to the right place! [read more]

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Deposit Lending And Bridge Financing

Let’s say you have a home that you’ve outgrown; it’s time to make a move to something better suited to your needs and lifestyle. You have no desire to keep two properties, so selling your existing home and moving into something new (to you) is the best idea. Ideally, when planning out how that looks, most people want to take possession of the new house before moving out of the old one. Not only does this make moving your stuff more manageable, but it also allows you to make the new home a little more “you” by painting or completing some minor renovations before moving in. [read more]

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Man Cave Interior Design

Have you been considering designing a man cave in your home? A man cave is a sacred place to unwind and enjoy time either on your own or with family and friends. It's also a great way to add some personality to your home. Let's take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about creating the ultimate man cave in your home! [read more]

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