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BCFSA – What Is A Bully Offer?

But sometimes buyers wait for the seller’s offer presentation date, only to find out the property has been sold before the date arrives. How does this happen? It may be that the seller has accepted a pre-emptive offer – often referred to as a “bully” offer. These are offers that expire before the date and time set by the seller for offer presentation. While submitting or accepting a bully offer is not illegal, there are risks that buyers and sellers should be aware of. [read more]

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Election Housing Promises Destined to Fail Without Detailed Plans to Increase Supply

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) is encouraged by the focus on housing affordability as a key priority in each of the major party's platforms in the lead-up to September's federal election. However, while parties pledge to build more homes and make purchasing easier, without detailed plans to quickly turn those promises into action that will increase supply, campaign promises will lead to municipal bottlenecks, failed policy and disappointed homebuyers.  [read more]

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