2022 Kitchen Design Trends

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Written on November 10th, 2021

Are you thinking of updating your kitchen in the new year? Having a very clear vision and planning ahead will be your keys to success. Keep reading to learn more about the kitchen design trends we’ll be seeing in the new year, and start planning out your ideas now!

Over the past two years, home owners have become more willing to invest in their kitchens than ever before, and thoughtful design has become a top priority. Personally, after purchasing my first home this July, I did a full kitchen gut and redesign. While the process itself was exhausting and time consuming, the outcome was definitely worth it. 

For me, the white and minimal design trend was what I followed with considerable attention, and this is a trend that’s expected to continue into 2022. As NewDecorTrends.com explains, white kitchens look bright, clean, and don’t require too much decoration. A white kitchen “island” in combination with walls of the same color or warm ornaments always looks fresh and actual.

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You can also complement this combination with a lone houseplant or designer chair.” What worked for me was keeping my kitchen countertops, cabinets, and sink white to open up the space as much as possible, then decorating with velvet textures and wooden tones to bring life into the room.

While white is here to stay for 2022 in kitchen design, so is black! As NewDecorTrends.com explains, black kitchens look versatile and contrary to common belief, don’t have major signs of “masculine” style – these modern interiors do not obey gender stereotypes!

Image courtesy of NewDecorTrends.com

In comparison to white, black cabinet furniture looks more compact indoors. If the room is small, then choosing a black matte paint will be beneficial as the gloss can visually reduce the size of the room. This is a very important note to be aware of if you’re planning on exploring the black kitchen design look in the new year!

Another trend that we are bound to see more of in 2022 is thin and very minimal cabinets and countertops.

Image courtesy of NewDecorTrends.com

Modern kitchen designs with thin countertops look almost weightless, yet good performance is designed to withstand standard household loads. Having very minimal cabinets is also something we are expected to see a lot of as this portrays a bit of a cleaner and more modern visual.

Image courtesy of NewDecorTrends.com

A friend of mine is currently renovating her kitchen and is moving away from having kitchen handles for example to make the space look as minimal as possible. By simply pushing the cabinet doors you’ll be able to open the cabinet – who doesn’t love that!

If you’re wanting to redesign your kitchen without tackling everything from countertops, to backsplash, flooring, and appliances to name a few, focusing in our your cabinets is a great idea. In 2022, we’re expected to see a lot more of the “two-toned” kitchen cabinet look.

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You can achieve this by repainting your cabinets – make sure to speak with a professional BEFORE you tackle this project in order to ensure you are using the correct paint and method to prevent chipping.

Will you be exploring any of these kitchen design trends in the coming year? Have you began planning and purchasing materials? I would highly recommend starting now, I experienced extremely high wait times for materials and appliances, so getting a solid head start is crucial!

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