50 Elegant Home Design Ideas From Interior Design Experts

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Written on March 23rd, 2020

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While doing our part to self-isolate, we have been reading and researching new and wonderful ways to make our homes more trendy.

We found a great article from BestLifeOnline.com  on 50 Elegant Home Design Ideas. In the interest of conserving funds during this challenging time, we also found another article about 50 Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Low Budget.


A few of the suggestions are ones we use when staging a property for sale or preparing to sell. These include painting kitchen cabinets, adding greenery, changing cabinet or door knobs, setting out stacked books and candles, adding textured throws with interesting details, decluttering and reducing patterns in a room.

Even if you are not prepping to sell, you can make use of these ideas to enjoy your home more.

We hope you enjoy the articles. If we can help in anyway, call or FaceTime us with your questions and we can “virtually” work through anything!

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