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Written on August 25th, 2021

Are you thinking of selling your home? Not sure what adjustments to make in order to really captivate potential buyers? Keep reading, this one is for you!


This Summer, I went through the process of purchasing my first home. Throughout the process, I learned first hand the immense value added to properties that had updates and minor adjustments made before coming to market.

Let’s dive in!

The majority of buyers would prefer to purchase a home that is easy to move into and looks cared for and well maintained. For us Vancouverites, we are well aware of the soaring home prices around town, and if you’re ready to purchase, the idea of moving into your new home and NOT having to spend thousands of dollars and hours of your time renovating is extremely refreshing.

As someone who has just recently purchased and devoted two months to fully renovating, I can say with full confidence that the next time I purchase, I will be on the hunt for a home that really doesn’t need any work done after purchasing.

I experienced first hand the added value to the homes that had updates done and truly looked cared for (I’m talking bidding wars and accepted offers $90,000 over ask for these types of properties)! If you’re thinking of prepping your home to sell in the Fall or upcoming year, here are some of the most beneficial things you can do  to increase your property value and ensure you garner buyers’ attention.

– Paint your interiors, white is always a great call as it opens up any space and shows as more of a blank canvas for buyers to imagine themselves living there
– Exterior paint and repairs
– Change out old carpet
– Update kitchen pulls or backsplash instead of the entire kitchen
– Update a bathroom
– Upgrade appliances
– Do cosmetic repairs (for example updating light fixtures, doors, door knobs)
– Do any safety repairs
– Light landscaping
– Outdoor clean up (for example gardens, roof, walkways, and windows)
– Service mechanical systems regularly
– Declutter and deep clean inside and out

A small investment in staging or renovating improves the selling process and expands the number of buyers that are interested. When I went through the buying process, we bid on multiple units within the same townhome complex and the interest and accepted offer on the home that had been updated was unbelievable!

If you’re wondering how to make your home move in ready and would like to speak to experienced real estate professionals BEFORE beginning your renovating / updating process, I would highly suggest getting in contact with Jenny + Suzanne. They are here to create a personalized plan for you and ensure you’re spending your time and money on the changes that will provide the most value back. Click here to get in touch with them today!

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