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Written on September 8th, 2021

When it comes to anything home, my first step is to ensure I have a clear vision in mind before tackling any project – big or small. If you’re thinking of renovating or redesigning your space, keep reading for jaw-dropping inspiration from some of my favourite celebrity homes.

Photography by Douglas Friedman // Celeb Home: Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

Although having an idea that is fully of your own creation sounds wonderful, we’re not all seasoned interior designers and a little bit of help and inspiration from gorgeous homes that some of the best interior designers around the world have worked on is a necessary alternative.

For me, renovating or designing parts of my home begins with one crucial step: searching and learning from Architectural Digest. Specifically, I try to find celebrity homes that have a similar palette and vibe of what I’m going for, then I focus in on one room at a time to really dissect why they have designed the spaces the way they have, and if it’s feasible for me to try to achieve the same look (without a team of interior designers by my side!), I begin the renovating and designing process – DIY!

My first project began with choosing the overall aesthetic for my home, I knew I was leaning towards Farmhouse, but I was looking for a bit more of a retro twist. After countless hours on Pinterest and Architectural Digest, I came across Vancouver actress & model Shay Mitchells‘ home feature. Her home had the perfect level of Farmhouse that I as looking for, with amazing exposed living room beams and warm floors throughout.

 // Celeb Home: Shay Mitchell

I also loved the overall design she and her interior decorator Chad Wood had put together, with warm velvet accent and dining chairs in the home – this was the exact dose of retro I was looking for to balance out the Farmhouse aesthetic in my home. As Shay explains, “there’s something about velvet makes me feel cozy”, and I couldn’t agree more. Surpassing the retro / 60’s look that velvet can bring into a home, I find the furniture itself warm, inviting, and exciting.

While looking into Shay Mitchell and Chad Wood’s work, I also came across HGTV’s Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines which really sealed the deal for me on adding Shiplap to my home. I had previously saved Shiplap fireplace looks on Pinterest, however it was this celebrity designer’s living room that truly gave me that ah-ha moment. She mentions that your home and the styles you choose should be a representation of you and bring a sense of comfort to your space. For me, the look of Shiplap comes off as clean, organized, yet cozy and inviting, and that’s exactly the element I see in myself and wanted to include in my home.

Photography by Cody Ulrich/HarperCollins // Celeb Home: Joanna Gaines

Thank you Joanna for the words of wisdom – I took her note to heart and built out a floor to ceiling Shiplap fireplace and could not be happier with the results.

My next home project will be a bathroom renovation in the year to come, and you guessed it – I am sourcing a ton of inspiration from Architectural Digest and specifically from singer/song writer, Vanessa Carlton.

Photography by Nicole Franzen // Celeb Home: Vanessa Carlton

I was initially having difficulty finding bathroom designs that matched what I had in mind, but the second I saw this work of art, I knew my bathroom renovation path had just become a little bit easier! For those of you who may be unfamiliar, designer Sarah Sherman Samuel gave the Vanessa Carlton the bathrooms (yes plural, she designed multiple stunning bathrooms for the singer, click here to see) of her dreams in SoHo, and then did it again for her Nashville home. Although I definitely won’t be having the wonderful Sarah Samuels helping me with my bathroom renovation, it’s a great feeling to find an aesthetic + tips on creating the space you desire, via the abundance of resources made available by Architectural Digest.

Ready to begin your home design journey? I would highly recommend taking a look through Architectural Digest, not only for visual inspiration, but also for technical tips provided by the designers that work on the fantastic celebrity homes!

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