The Holiday Season Is Here!

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Written on November 26th, 2020

Are you ready to bring some holiday cheer into your home? While we’re urged to stay home, it’s no surprise that people are decorating earlier this year. Having a beautifully decorated Christmas tree lighting up your living room as the sun sets truly does bring a warm feeling to the home.

Here’s everything you need to make your home festive over the weekend!

Get your Christmas decorations ready

Getting your holiday decor out of storage is the first step, take a look through your decor and sort out what you’d like to use this year. If you’re starting fresh this holiday season, you can grab your Christmas tree from Lynn Valley Lions, GardenWorks, Canadian Tire, RONA, and Walmart to name a few! Then it’s on to the fun and creative part – finding your decor and ornaments!

My all time favorite spot for holiday decor is Michaels, they have great deals on ornaments (bulk or individuals), stockings, lights, wreaths, and even cookie cutters! Not only this but they also have large pine tree scented candles that will fill your home with the smell of a fresh tree – for only $6 per large candle!

Christmas Wreaths

If you’d like to make your Christmas wreath at home this year, grabbing your material from Michaels while you’re there is a great call – they have tons of options to choose from and this could make for the perfect weekend DIY activity! If you’d like to support local and purchase your wreath (or any other seasonal outdoor pieces) I suggest checking out STOOPS Design or Mountain Market.

Photo: STOOPS Design

STOOPS Design was founded by Sarah and Cindy who find creativity in gardening and nature. They thought about how much time we all devote to our home’s interior as a reflection of our personal style and saw an opportunity to help people enhance their home’s exterior, while celebrating the natural beauty of the seasons. Click here to see what these local ladies are doing to beautify neighbourhood stoops, and make sure to give this local business a follow on Instagram!

Lights, lights, lights

If your home allows you to do so, we recommend grabbing your Christmas lights from Home Hardware, RONA, or Canadian Tire.

With such a wide variety of options, finding the perfect lights for your home will be very easy. They also have an assortment of outdoor Christmas decorations if you’d like to really go all out with your decorating this year!

Seasonal planting

As the weather has gotten cooler, your summer plants have most likely finished their course. Why not bring some life to your outdoor space by picking up some winter themed plants to from Maple Leaf Garden Centre or Dykhof Nurseries! Here’s a great video about planting winter pots https://youtu.be/vN4UexsNzwA that will definitely be helpful in your planting process!

The good news is that while perennials are pricier than annuals, you can transfer the plants into your garden next spring.

Get baking

While we’re urged to stay home, what’s better than making gingerbread cookies over the weekend and filling your home with the smell of freshly baked goodness?! Click here to check out Jenny’s gingerbread recipe – they are seriously the best!

I hope this blog has inspired you to get festive this weekend with your loved ones.

Stay safe!

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