Tiny Homes – A Simpler Way of Living

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Written on September 22nd, 2021

When it comes to tiny houses and the tiny house movement, there has been a lot of buzz especially in recent months. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the tiny house movement is an architectural and social movement that encourages living a simpler life in a smaller space.

Image courtesy of CountryLiving.com

As Tiny Home Builders explains, “a large percentage of people involved in the tiny house movement are DIY’ers, meaning people who are interested in building their own homes. It is incredibly empowering and fulfilling to construct your own home from the ground up.”

Having recently done a ton of DIY renovations, I can definitely see the appeal of wanting to make your own home from the ground up – although I’m not sure if the limited space would be something I could get past!

Making the adjustment to tiny house living is not only a simpler way of life, it’s also extremely beneficial for the environment. By using fewer utilities tiny home owners save money and have a smaller impact on the environment. Some homes go so far as to use no utilities by being completely off-grid. Also, with less consumption comes less waste going into landfills.

Ready to view a few tiny homes to see if this lifestyle would make sense for you?

This home is one of my all time favourites. Everything from the exterior colour, to the quaint look and feel has me wanting to explore more!

Image courtesy of CountryLiving.com
My eye is also deeply drawn to this home, although the space is evidently very limited, there’s something about the cozy cabin feel that I find very appealing.

Image courtesy of CountryLiving.com
The old wood-burning stove brings a vintage vibe to the space and heats the entire place up very quickly!
Another one of my favourite tiny homes is this Texas built colourful residence.

Image courtesy of Molly Winters
As designer Kim Lewis explains, an interior colourful details can open up compact spaces, which is why this tiny home demonstrates pops of colour both inside and out. Click here for a better look at this home, and notice the most interesting part of this converted 1960s trailer – it travels easily! The deck is made of convertible pieces that can be collected and stored in the movable home for a quick trip without leaving your bedroom – how cool is that?!
Lastly, this design is one I have to share with you – it’s my all time favourite tiny home that caught my eye about two years ago.

Image courtesy of Studiobuell

Featuring a pop-out porch, the “Orchid Tiny House” which has multiple levels (yes, that’s right!!) was designed to be taken to and from a remote piece of property in Southern California. As Country Living explains, “architectural designers David Latimer and Taylor Mallon reimagined a gable farmhouse, prioritizing clean lines (a “rain screen” of raised cedar pieces on the roof) and plenty of light (skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows). Placing the different areas of the house (the living area, the kitchen, and the bedroom) on different levels made the tiny home seem larger, too.”

Is this changing your perspective on downsizing and making the transition to tiny house ownership? In case you’re on the fence, you can legitimately purchase tiny houses on Amazon—actual homes with walls, ceilings, and floors!
Comment below and let me know if this has peaked your interest to continue learning about tiny homes.

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