Charcuterie, yes please!

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Written on August 5th, 2019

For us, nothing quite says summer like an evening spent with friends and family, sharing a glass of wine and a board of charcuterie!

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Black Hills Estate Winery in Oliver, where we enjoyed what had to be the best charcuterie we have ever tasted! The wines were lovely, but the charcuterie stole the show! 

Wondering how to re-create your own board at home?

There are many great options on the North Shore to help you. We start with a fabulous oversized cheese board – check out Winners Lynn Valley and Homesense Park Royal. There are some great finds!

Next you will need a few fine cheeses and cured meats. We recommend 2-4 of each depending on the size of your board and number of guests. Jams and mustards play off the cheeses and meats well. Our favourites are fig jam and grainy mustard.

Don’t forget to add some freshness with small clusters of grapes or berries, thinly sliced apple or pear also work well. Pickles, olives, nuts or hummus round out the flavours. Serve with thin crackers or a fresh baguette – delicious! 

For your cheeses and meats, we absolutely love Two Rivers Specialty Meats! And don’t forget to visit Puccini’s Find Foods on Lonsdale. So many options, it can be hard to choose! In a time crunch and want to do a one-stop-shop? Check out City Market or Whole Foods too. All of these retailers also offer prepared boards!

Pair with a lively Prosecco or light Rosé -we love Villa Teresa and Côtes des Roses.

How do you charcuterie? Let us know your best tips and fab finds!

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