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Written on June 2nd, 2022

With Summer headed our way, it’s time to change up our recipe roster and explore new delicious flavours, colours, and wholesome ingredients! Keep reading to find incredible recipes to try over the weekend.

These summer rolls are packed with avocado and a variety of raw vegetables – can you say mouth watering?!

Image courtesy of Half-Baked Harvest

As Half-Baked Harvest explains, “each roll is dressed with a sweet chili mango sauce and served alongside a spicy, gingery peanut sauce.” I can’t wait to give this recipe a try, I’m a huge fan of salad rolls and peanut sauce and this is very much so my kind of summer recipe! Click here for the ingredient list and directions.

If you haven’t given this jar idea a try yet, I’ve been hearing great things especially from friends who like to meal prep.

Image courtesy of Half-Baked Harvest

Perfect for lunch or dinner, you’ll love these marinated tomato feta orzo salad jars. They are simple, delicious, require no cooking, and come together quite quickly. All you need is greek olives, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, salty feta cheese, orzo pasta, and a tangy, and herby Greek dressing. Click here to grab the recipe.

I have been seeing this recipe everywhere and can’t wait to give it a go this weekend – I mean, how good does roasted garlic butter smashed potatoes sound?

Image courtesy of Half-Baked Harvest

Each little smashed potato wedge is perfect when tossed with herby roasted garlic butter. The secret is to first roast the potatoes with olive oil. This gets them nice and crispy before tossing them with garlic butter. Finish the potatoes off with a dusting of fresh herbs and sea salt. Click here for the recipe by Half-Baked Harvest.

After all the delicious food you’ll be making, you may be in the mood for a refreshing drink to end the night. I would highly recommend this strawberry mojito recipe.

Image courtesy of Half-Baked Harvest

White rum mixed with fresh strawberries, plenty of fresh lime, and mint. This mojito receives an extra special touch with a top off of ginger beer for a fizzy, gingery kick. It’s colorful, refreshing, and the perfect mojito for summer. And don’t forget the sweet lime-sugar-rimmed glass – arguably the best part. Click here for all the details.

I hope you enjoy these mouth watering recipes this weekend – here’s to kicking off June with summer and sunshine in mind!

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