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Written on April 28th, 2021

La Pizza Week is officially making its debut in cities across Canada and it’s definitely not something you want to miss! As explained by Daily Hive, this country-wide pizza event is brought to you by the creators of La Poutine Week and Le Burger Week.

Image courtesy of LaPizzaWeek on Instagram

Here’s how it works:

Pizza restaurants in each city can sign up and create a special pizza that will be available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery from May 1 to May 7.

Then, customers can vote for their favourite pizza on LaPizzaWeek.com. Restaurants across Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are invited to participate. You can now view participating restaurants here but be sure to stay in the loop because restaurants can continue to sign up.

Here are some of the pizza creations I’m most excited to try out!

Nicli Antica Pizzeria 
3142 Highland Blvd, North Vancouver

Nicli Pizzera will be offering a hearty slice of Roman style pizza with roasted onion, onion bechamel and marinara sauce.

Reggiano Pizza 
2828 West 4th Vancouver V6K 1R2

Image courtesy of La Pizza Week

Reggiano’s burrata pizza will have San Marzano sauce, mozzarella, burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh basil, and a drizzle of pesto.

Bowen Island Pizza
Lonsdale Quay Market, Lower Lonsdale

Image courtesy of La Pizza Week

Bowel Island Pizza is one of my all time favourites. They will be featuring a Pear & Brie pizza with thinly sliced Anjou pears with roasted onions & garlic, mozzarella & chunks of creamy brie cheese melted on top.

Kozu Sushi Pizza 
1370A East Georgia Street

Image courtesy of La Pizza Week

Kozu Sushi Pizza’s sushi pizza will have a spicy mayonnaise spread topped with Kozu Sushi Pizza’s special San Fransokyo mix made of chopped scallop, imitation crab, and masago. Decorated with Japanese mayonnaise drizzle, and garnished with spun cucumber, masago, and black sesame seeds. This one sounds very interested and I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl!

Firecrust Pizzeria
808 Davie Street, Vancouver

Image courtesy of La Pizza Week

Firecrust’s California Club pizza will feature Alfredo sauce, mozzarella, diced smoked bacon and roasted chicken. Avocado, arugula, basil, romaine, cherry tomatoes and ranch dressing will be placed on top after baking.

Which pizza are you most looking forward to trying over La Pizza Week? Comment your top pick below!

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