Mother’s Day Is Around the corner!

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Written on May 4th, 2022

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re unsure what to do this Mother’s Day, this one’s for you.

Mother’s Day can be celebrated in many different ways – from celebrating at home, going out to a fantastic restaurant, or exploring an activity around town.

For those of you celebrating at home this year, award winning JOEY Group Sommelier, Jason Yamasaki, has curated different wines based on personality traits for you to take advantage of this year. You can choose 3 that best describe your mom and gift her a customized wine box for $75.

Image courtesy of Joey Restaurants

For the brunch-loving, wine-sipping, three-course-dinner-kinda Moms— they also have six Mother’s Day gifts that will surely be a hit. To learn more about these options, click here.

If you’re thinking of adding a bit more of a personal touch this year, breakfast in bed is always a classic and appreciated! Something simple is fine for this, such as toast or a croissant with jam or fruit and a cup of coffee or tea. Another route would be a sit-down brunch which is always a great call also.

Image courtesy Matt // Food Network

Here are a whopping 48 recipes to look through if you plan on putting together a delicious meal.

Not thrilled with the idea of cooking? You’re in luck because there are an assortment of delicious restaurants you can take mom to this year! Some of my favourite local restaurants consist of BLVD Bistro – perfect for brunch, Joey Shipyards – the views are unreal, Nook – their pizza’s are incredible, Pier 7 – also a fantastic choice if you’re searching for beautiful views. If you’re thinking of heading downtown for your meal, I would highly recommend visiting Di Beppe.

Image courtesy of Di Beppe

They are known for their creative and traditional Italian dishes and for Mother’s Day, every mother that eats in and orders food gets a free surprise dessert!

After your meal, it would be quite the experience to head over to Alegría, a Cirque du Soleil classic. As Cirque du Soleil explains, “at the heart of a kingdom that has lost its king, Alegría witnesses the power struggle at play between the old order and a new movement yearning for hope and renewal.” Many of my friends have gone to the show this year and I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews! Click here if you’d like to secure your tickets.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

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