Patiently waiting to plant your outdoor pots?

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Written on April 20th, 2020

Photo Courtesy Proven Winners

Are you patiently waiting to plant your outdoor pots? We are too!

We cannot wait to have the beautiful pops of colour and blooms that containers and pots allow by the front door, seating areas or other non-garden areas.

Every year around Mother’s Day we make our pilgrimage to the Maple Leaf Garden Centre or Costco and purchase flats of promising looking annuals to plant. Truth be told, I cannot stand to get dirt under my nails. I plan the arrangement and my hubby follows the plan. He is very accommodating which is also very appreciated.

Photo Courtesy Proven Winners

Over the years we have accumulated quite a few pots so we have quite a few to fill. Please remember whatever you plant will need to be fertilized weekly and watered daily. We love Miracle Grow potting soil and fertilizer. Both can be picked up at Walmart. Many of our containers are from Costco, Canadian Tire and Maple Leaf.

If you want something really nice and modern, try Atlas Pots. Atlas is practising social distancing during the COVID crisis. The showroom is open by appointment but you can phone, FaceTime or email to place an order for delivery. They are having a Spring Sale now. We love their faux foliage for indoors and out!

We like to put some gravel or rocks in the bottom of the container to make sure there is ample drainage. It is also important that there are holes in the bottom of the container. We purchased Plant “Caddies” or “Trollies” from Canadian Tire to sit the pots on so they are easy to move with outdoor furniture set up and to turn so all sides get sunlight. Amazon, Rona and Home Depot also carry these. Click here to see what it looks like. We chose caddies that fit the size of the pot. You can even purchase square wooden ones.

Photo Courtesy Gardeners.com

When I plan my container, I try to have a focal point in the centre like a tall spiky fountain grass then a few geraniums surrounding the grass (for sunny spots of course) with Supertunias® (no deadheading) and trailing lobelia (no deadheading). Colour wise, I prefer the cooler shades of blues, purples, whites, pinks and reds but you can use and mix just about anything. If you are looking for inspiration or a pattern to follow, click here to go to the Proven Winners website. There are some great easy to follow ideas here and videos too!

We found another website that talks about thrillers, fillers and spillers. I guess this is the theory I have evolved over the years. It really delves into colours, textures, what plants are appropriate thrillers, fillers and spillers and what plants you should use for the shade or sun. Click here to check this website out. Lots of information yet easy to follow and your planters will look spectacular!

Photo Courtesy Gardeners.com

An old neighbour once told me that once you have planted the new plants, it is best to cut any blooms off so that the plant can concentrate its growth thicker and you will get a better root system and more blooms. Don’t know if it’s true but I do it anyway.

Maple Leaf Garden Centre has some tips and tricks for watering for your pots, baskets and planters. This is really important. If you do this daily and fertilize once every one to two weeks, you will have sensational planters all summer long. Ours usually last well into September.

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