Patio Design – It’s Time!

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Written on May 26th, 2022

FINALLY, we’re reaching patio season in Vancouver. After many months of patiently waiting, we have a beautiful forecast coming up with sunny skies and 22 degree weather. If you’ve been waiting to set up your outdoor space, keep reading for inspiration that will help you enjoy the warm weather in style.

First things first, a bit of cleaning is a necessity after the intense rainy few months we’ve had.

If you have a patio, I would highly recommend getting your pressure washer out (or renting one from Dynamic Rentals – this is my go-to in North Vancouver). I spent this past weekend pressure washing my roof top patio and although it took much longer than I expected, the results were incredible!

Next it’s time to tackle your outdoor furniture. Outdoor cushions usually only need spot cleaning, but if you have removable covers, make sure to read the care instructions then run them through the wash and hang to dry. As Outpost Sun Sport explains, “soap and water is a good place to start if you are unsure of the material or just want to spot clean. If any of your furniture covers and outdoor cushions have mildew a mildew remover will clear them up.” Patio umbrellas also collect a ton of dust throughout the year. A rag soaked in soapy water can be used to wipe down the material if there isn’t a ton of debris. Personally, I used my pressure washer on the base of my patio umbrella then took the hose and washed the rest of the umbrella to get all of the dust and debris off. While you’re at it, make sure to also clear the debris from your windows and door near your patio. I used my pressure washer on the glass but a soft scrubber and soap + water will do the trick just as well!

For those of you with a yard, it’s time to mow the lawn and clean up any excess leaves that have pilled up. Ensure you also clear away debris and prune any dead or damaged branches in your yard – this will make a huge difference and your yard will be sparkling in no time.

Now it’s time to get decorating! If you already have patio furniture and have cleaned them all off, set out your furniture and explore spots like HomeSense for additional outdoor pillows and throws to liven up your space. You could even explore the idea of a fire pit to bring a little more warmth for the cooler evening nights. Moreover, an outdoor rug goes a long way in terms of bringing the space together. I grabbed mine from RONA and am very happy with it – plus I can leave this rug out year round as the material doesn’t soak up any moisture.

Should you be thinking of revamping your outdoor furniture completely, I have many great spots you can check out to find the perfect pieces. This weekend I visited RONA and Canadian Tire in North Vancouver, they had great selections on patio sectionals, dining sets, and lawn chairs. Personally, I was on the hunt for a white steel patio set with thick comfortable cushions and I ended up finding the perfect set at 604 Wholesale in Richmond. I would say that their pieces are more ideal for larger outdoor spaces, the patio sectional I purchased is quite deep and almost feels like multiple day beds put together – perfect for lounging and tanning!

Still have space to fill? Any patio or backyard can benefit from a playful piece of furniture, like a swing chair crafted of materials such as rattan or wicker.

Image courtesy of Katarzyna Bialasiewciz / Getty Images

I’m thinking of adding two rattan chairs to one of my smaller patios, this would be an ideal spot for a morning coffee! Another fantastic idea – for those of you with backyards – is adding in a hammock.

There is truly nothing quite like enjoying the warm weather in a hammock, which is perfect for reading, taking a nap, or even enjoying a glass of wine in maximum relaxation mode after a long day.

I hope you enjoy these pointers and soak up the sunshine we have headed our way as much as I will be!

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