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Written on January 13th, 2022

Supporting local businesses is something I have always been passionate about. Now especially, continuing to support local is extremely important. If you’re wondering how you can help support local businesses this month, keep reading!

Dine in or order takeout from local Restaurants & Cafes

Image courtesy of Indian Fusion

Some of my favourite local restaurants consist of Buddha-Full Provisions, Browns Socialhouse, Arms Beach Bistro, Anatoli Souvlaki, Indian Fusion, and Hachi Hana. To view a larger list of local businesses, click here!

Purchase a Gift Card

Image courtesy of Indian Fusion

Many restaurants and other service providers are promoting gift card purchases right now, as they provide a quick injection of cash that helps them cover staffing and bills.

Local Markets

Instead of heading to one of the larger supermarkets, you can find great local producers near your! A few of my go-to’s are Kin’s Farm Market, Lonsdale Quay Market, Foxy Market, Choices Markets, Persia Foods, and Larry’s Market.

There are also many costless ways you can support local business. For example, leave a Google review – if you visited a local shop, restaurant, or business recently, do them a favour by leaving a positive review about your experience. This can help business owners build a solid reputation online and welcome more incoming customers. I would also highly urge following these businesses online and sharing their content with your friends and family members in order to help bring more awareness to their businesses.

Are you a local business owner? Please don’t hesitate to mention your business in the comments below!

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