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Written on August 10th, 2019

Did you know that Toronto’s real estate market is highly vulnerable, while the VANCOUVER MARKET is stabilizing?!
According to Better Dwelling, “Toronto real estate is highly vulnerable, but due to multiple lower-level vulnerabilities. The market is moderately at risk of overheating, price acceleration, and overvaluation.”Vancouver on the other hand has been seeing lower home prices, and a decline in price acceleration which explains the reason for the drop.

This article is indicative of what we are experiencing in the field. As we analyze the stats, we have noticed the declines over time shrinking and the uptick in July sales has been really positive to see. The buyer/seller expectation gap that our market has experienced is returning to a more balanced scenario. Sellers and buyers are understanding there is some give and take to the negotiation process. The lines in the sand we were seeing a few months ago have disappeared. We anticipate a good fall market.
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For the full article by Better Dwelling click here

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